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I am convinced there is magic in female friendships. I’ve experienced it in my own life and I’ve been swept away by it in the following tv shows and movies: The Golden GirlsSex and the CityGirlsHarlemAnd Just Like ThatThe Bold TypeDesigning WomenGrace and FrankieFirefly LaneInsecureBig Little LiesWorkin’ MomsSweet MagnoliasWine CountryPOMS I share this list because … Continue reading Magic

I Am Enough

Desperation. Insecurity. Those were the hallmarks of how I loved in the past. I was desperate to be loved, to have friends, to keep friends. Everything about me was desperate and insecure. I was painfully insecure in my friendships, never fully convinced I was worthy of their love. Once I made friends, I was so happy to … Continue reading I Am Enough