What a Difference a Week Makes

Last weekend I was feeling a tad nervous, knowing on Monday I was having repairs done to my bathroom. I had a leak from the caulk lifting in my shower stall that I opted to ignore. The idea of having someone come out and redo my disgusting caulk, and repair the wall, was stressful to me. File it under things beyond my control which makes me nervous. 

The handyman I went with was an old coworker who has since started his own business. He had come out the previous week to do a quote on the work. He was thorough, checking both the basement and attic, for water damage or mold. Within a few days he had given me a very reasonable quote to re-caulk, repair the wall, and install an exhaust vent in the bathroom. 

Last Monday, he came out and tore open the damaged wall, recaulked, and installed the vent. It took about 6-7 hours all together. Seeing an actual vent in the ceiling and fresh new caulk was so exciting! Maybe I need to get out more, the fact that that was exciting, but still. Seeing it come together when I had neglected it for too long, felt good. 

All week, I was a nervous wreck as I felt like my life was a bit in limbo. Not to mention having my friend over doing work on the house is the most I’ve had anyone in the house other than the sister that lives with me.

Thursday he came back and did the drywall and patching. For the first time in ages, I have smooth, solid walls. Next weekend my sister and I will take down the wallpaper border, prime, and paint. We have yet to pick a color but we have some ideas in mind. In another week, it will feel like a whole new room!

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