Perfection – An Ode to Summer

Is there a more perfect season than summer? Well, that depends on who you are asking but for me, no there is not. I live for summer. Bright, blue, sunny skies make my soul joyful. Lush green leaves rustling with a breeze that dances on my skin? Heaven.

While I’m not one to head to the beach, go boating, waterskiing, or the plethora of other options Michigan summers offer, I immensely enjoy sitting on my patio (more aptly known as a sunroom), sipping coffee in the mornings or wine in the evenings. Writing, as I am doing now, or curled up in a chair reading a book. Sometimes I’ll even close my eyes and play a guided meditation as I listen to the birds chirping.

Summer is not everyone’s cup of tea, as evidenced on social media. Already I’m seeing pleas for fall. Wishes for sweater weather and crisp air. Granted, boob sweat is less than ideal but it’s a small price to pay for long days filled with sun, plenty of time spent outdoors, evening walks with the sky changing colors as the sun dips closer to setting, followed by dark skies interrupted by the cheerful darting of lighting bugs.

While every season has its charms, I can’t accept that any are more magical than summer. Summer is perfection.

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