Progress Isn’t Linear

Progress isn’t linear. This is the phrase that repeats in my head as I backslide. Some weeks I am crushing it at waking up and meditating first thing. For one whole week I was up at 6am. By Saturday of that week I fell off the wagon. 

Lately, I am back to rolling out of bed 5 minutes before my work day starts and sleeping in until who knows what hour on the weekends. However, I’ve closed my activity rings on my Apple watch every day this month. My calorie burn goal has steadily increased over the last 2 months. 

So… I’m not waking up early but I am moving more. Win some, lose some. I’ve also been following more nutrition focused accounts on social media and listening to podcasts. I’m focusing on more variety in my diet. Lots of different veggies and finally went back to taking a daily multivitamin which has been a game changer for me. 

I’m making strides, even if some areas are two steps forward and one step back. Any win is a win though. And, progress isn’t linear. 

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