Lately, in my previously mentioned quest for clean, I’ve been having epiphanies. As I lay my head down at night to sleep ideas are bombarding me. “If I clean out x drawer I can move y things into it.” Or, “If I sort my closet to have cardigans grouped together, dresses grouped together, and so on, it would be so much easier to find things.” Little ideas that have never occurred to me before.

I wish they would hit me during the day, when I’m drowsy but awake. Instead, they come when I’m trying to sleep. Instead of sleeping I get excited over ways to change things up, ideas of items to donate, organizers I can buy to keep things the way I want them. My mind starts churning and sleep gets further and further away. 

The ideas have been helpful though and every day I’m closer to getting things set up the way I want. I even remembered the dog groomer I take Milo to accepts donations for a rescue group. Saturday morning when I took Milo for his pedicure I unloaded a box full of dog sweaters and coats from my dearly departed chihuahuas. While it was bittersweet to donate their things, it was comforting to know they could do some good. I also regained an entire drawer in the spare room!

Things are really coming together, as I tackle each long ignored project, my mood and mental health are improving. I feel closer to the person I want to be. While I would love for the epiphanies to come at a better time of day, no matter what, I say keep on coming! 

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