Things are slowly getting better. I’m moving more, not napping during the week. I’m reading again, I’m writing again. I’m finding balance between rest and productivity, whereas before I was all rest, yet never feeling rested.

Today I watched a video from an immunologist at University of Michigan who thinks this is the year the pandemic will come to an end. It feels like there is hope at the end of this very long, dark tunnel. 

I took Milo for a walk outdoors today. The sun was shining and it wasn’t bitterly cold out. He happily sniffed and pissed on everything. I actually wouldn’t have minded walking farther but my old man was done with 3/4 of a mile. He was out cold, snoring, for the next several hours.

I did learn I was exposed to covid recently at work. Tuesday I’ll test to make sure I do not have it. I should be safe since I was masked up the entire time (as I am when in public or at work). However it is nerve-racking, waiting to find out. Until I test and find out for sure I am negative, I’m laying low. 

Still, all in all, I have to say life is getting slowly better.

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