Fighting Old Habits

Why are old or bad habits so hard to break? Today, I am tired. When I got off work I felt so desperately tired. I didn’t sleep the best last night. I fought the urge to crawl into bed and under my blankets, knowing full well it would ruin sleep for tonight. I sat on the couch and looked at social media for awhile and cuddled Oliver. 

However, I am cold. I’ve had a bit of a chill since I was out and about earlier, visiting both office locations I have to check on. I caved and snuck under my blankets and watched a 30 minute tv show. Then I forced myself out of bed and cleaned my ceiling fans. I made some hot apple cider and I am texting with family and friends to pass the time until bed time. 

I will change my habits but dang, it is hard! The familiar and being lazy is easy but doesn’t put me where I want to be. 

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