2021. The New Year I, and many, have been waiting desperately for. The dumpster fire year that was 2020 had its last moment. The clock struck midnight, and with it, I am choosing hope. 

While the changing of a calendar page or the stroke of midnight doesn’t make our problems vanish, it does feel like a time to move forward. Soon the US will swear in a new president, one who cares about unity and believes in science, two pillars that I am hoping will lead towards healing and progress. 

I am praying that by June, herd immunity will be achieved so that life can resume some level of ‘normalcy’ where we can gather and enjoy the company of those we love again.

2020 was filled with lessons. I learned what I am capable of. I learned that I could make consistent, small changes, to have a big impact on my life. I’m looking to carry that momentum forward into the new year. 

I do not know what lies ahead but I am embracing this new year, cautiously optimistic and with an open heart.

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