Billie Razors

I’m a sucker for good marketing. I will confess that right here and now. I’m also a sucker for pro-female options. Billie Razors were a natural win for me. The commercial that sucked me in can be viewed by clicking Here

I loved the idea that they actually showed women with body hair. I was also a fan of it showing women of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Also, the theme of shave if you want to, and shaving through holes in her jeans struck a chord with me. I have pulled off similar antics.

After seeing these commercials for over a year and knowing my razor was dull and in need of replacement I took the leap. I ordered it last weekend and it arrived on Friday. I bought a razor and their Dry-Bye Body Lotion.

The box it came in was nice and easy to open. I hate it when I buy something and it takes a herculean effort to get into it. I very quickly affixed the ‘magic’ holder to my shower wall and told the razor we’d meet tomorrow.

Today when I took my shower I put Billie to the test. I had put off shaving all week because I really wanted to see how well the new razor worked. Usually when I shave I lather my legs up with soap first. Today, I bathed, and then after rinsing the soap off, I tried out my new razor. Their advertisements indicate the blades are encased in charcoal shave soap. I was impressed with how smooth my legs felt after using the razor.

I did a full-body shave, legs, underarms, and bikini. The razor glided smoothly over and I definitely got a nice, clean shave.

After my shower, I slathered myself with the Dry-Bye lotion. I found the scent to be pleasant though my sister commented it was strong. My skin feels great. So far, I have to say, I’m sold on Billie. I’ll keep everyone posted if that changes for any reason. I know that I can love a product at first and after time find flaws or disappointments. However, first impressions, definitely a win!

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